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Kayla A My name is Kayla. My family is native to Montana, however I was born & raised in Northern California. I enjoy spending my summers on Flathead Lake. I love rafting, kayaking, hiking with my 2 Akita's & camping. Read the Full Story
Ruby You have probably met this wonderful girl at our Wisconsin Ave location in Whitefish.  Ruby has started serving for Cowgirl Coffee in the Spring of 2012.  Her energy is contagious and she really makes an amazing espresso.   Read the Full Story

Amanda has been working for Cowgirl Coffee Company for many years now.  We are excited to announce she has become the Manager for our Newest Location in Whitefish... 1875 Baker Ave.  Amanda has a real sense of PRIDE in everydrink she makes.  With multiple years of experience in the coffee industry,  she is excited to show off her skills.         
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Brittlee   Hey Im Brittlee, I started at Cowgirl in the winter of 2010.  I enjoy that Im able to meet new people everyday! Im very friendly and love making people smile! I love to shop, snowboard, wakeboard, dirtbike, and travel. My favorite drink is a Caramel Apple Float with homemade whip cream and drizzled caramel to top it!  You have seen me at the Baker Shop Location, Now ..... Come see me at the South shop, just past the airport!  Ill make you a drink you will love. Promise! Read the Full Story
Molly   Heyyyy! My name is Molly. I was born and raised in Whitefish and can honestly say there is no where else i'd rather call home. The summer is my desired season, I’m not a fan of being cold.  Read the Full Story
Shea Hi it's Shea. I started Cowgirl Coffee in 2002, in beautiful Whitefish Montana.  Here is a little personal background.....  I decided Whitefish would be my new home in 1995. After living in Salt Lake City for many years, and skiing Snowbird Ski Resort, it was time to slow down.  Read the Full Story
Kayla My name is kayla piquett, I've lived in Montana all my life. I wouldn't like to call any other place home. I'm blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place. I've worked at cowgirl coffee for almost 2 years and I love going to work everyday. Read the Full Story
Celina Hello! My name is Celina :) I am new to Cowgirl Coffee, and I work at our South location! My favorite drink at Cowgirl is a 16 oz. Peppermint Mocha Latte, Extra Sweet (like me!). Read the Full Story
Jessie  Hi!! i'm Jessie. I've grown up on the slopes of Big Mountain and had the privilage of living within walking distance of the beautiful Whitefish Lake. I am currently attending Pela beauty academy and plan on being a Nail Tech by this summer. Read the Full Story
Hey Everyone! I'm Brittany. I am the Manager over at North shop! I have worked for Cowgirl for almost 2 years now and I have loved every minute of it. My amazing co workers as well as all of our lovely customers make it so enjoyable! Being able to interact with our local cliental and meeting people from all over the world is very gratifying. I enjoy satisfying our customers to the fullest with all the many choices Cowgirl Coffee has to offer.
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Rachel   Hi! My name is Rachel. I just moved to Whitefish from California, but am originally from upstate New York. I am very excited to be a new resident of Montana and to be apart of Cowgirl Coffee! Read the Full Story

Breast Cancer Awareness

pink-ribbonCowgirl Coffee is looking to donate to a local individual in need while fighting breast cancer.

Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Or check "message us" at:


Cowgirl Coffee Van

Cowgirl Coffee Mobile Van

We can visit your place of business. just email us- cowgirlcoffee @

Cowgirl Coffee Van with girls


ALSO: Gluten and Vegan Certified Protein Powder!

No artifical sweetener, no artifical flavor

Delicious Fruit Smoothies and Protein Shakes made with Quality Ingrediants

Cowgirl Coffee Cares about your Health


Here you can Find our 100% Organic "Cowgirl Coffee Blend", Whole Beans of course.  To go along with that, outfit yourself in one of our dozen different gettiups.  A Cowgirl Coffee T-shirt, Tank Top combined with a Eco Cowgirl Mug... Maybe just what you need to put a spring in your step.

VIP GIFT CARDS available for anybody whose anybody! $15 minimum






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Cowgirl's Mobile Espresso

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Cowgirl 'ON THE ROAD' Mobile Unit

 Wanna party with the Cowgirls?

You've seen us around town, at local fairs, parades, farmers markets, weddings, and corporate parties.  Do you have an event and need our help? We got what you want! Our mobile coffee/smoothie bar will come to your party or event of the year! 

'book it here' to view our CALENDAR OF EVENTS and AVAILABILTY

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Get Branded


Make a Name for Yourself

We'll serve up your name up to 5,000 customers, give or take, in roughly a 3 week campaign.  Whether it's because there's a new sherrif in town, or to give folks a reason to tie their horse to your pole, our lid cover advertising campaign is a cost effective way to get-er-done.

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Your Opinion Counts

At Cowgirl Coffee, customer service is tops.  We need to know how your experience was.  Fill out the customer survey form and you'll automatically be entered to WIN A $25 COFFEE CARD in our monthly drawing.

Location & Hours

The North Shop: 406-862-6911
902 Wisconsin, Whitefish

The South Shop: 406-257-1855
Highway 2 E., Lasalle & Birch Grove

Baker Cowgirl:  406-862-0707
1875 Baker Ave.  Whitefish, Corner of 19th & Baker Ave. 


Mon - Fri 6 am - 6 pm
Sat & Sun 7am - 5 pm
(Seasonal hours may apply)